Eimear Kavanagh

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*Portrait with Owl photography by Evgenia Markova

portrait owl

Selected as Liverpool's Artist of The Week

archive interview with Art in Liverpool

2016 Current sketch book ideas exploring patterns in nature & inter-connectedness.

'A Resevoir Aliveness' sketch - work in progress (Preliminary ideas for book illustration)

A joint collaboration with my sister Niamh Kavanagh

A Sense of Reality 2016

in loving memory of Ray Dunne


(c) multi love 16

Multi Love 2016

a sense of reality


Coming soon ‘Small World’


Cabinet of Curiosities

with Review Textiles


I asked most of the men I know 'what are the first three things that spring to your mind, which symbolise masculinity? '


In response to some of my favourite answers, I have created miniature delicate artworks onto tea bags. Using techniques & materials which are considered to be traditional ‘women’s’ handicraft (such as sewing & glitter) the feminine and the masculine are combined & constructed into curious objects which take on androgynous form

-with a bit of wit & charm.













New works & News


Beard 2016 sketch book
heArt tony knox

Fuel for Fire


Conceptual artwork made for Threshold Festival 2016 exploring Hridaya transformation


see here for more info


(photography by Tony Knox)















Later this year I will be taking Artists Residency in Ireland at Backwater Artists stuidios, Cork.


Here I will exchange studios for one month

with artist Éilis Ní Fhaoláin 


see more here








Sky Dwelling 2016 (2)